Friends of Music Fund

When we established the Friends of St. Martin’s Music Fund nine years ago, it was expected to enhance the beautiful music this ministry shares with our fellow parishioners. Through this funding, we are able to showcase the talent of our dedicated choral and handbell choirs and to provide special worship experiences for our parish family and community.

Thanks to the generous donations of our parishioners, we have accomplished many things over the years. We were able to purchase a new piano for the church two years ago. We have been able to feature more instrumentalists during Sunday morning services and continue hiring staff section leaders for our choir.

My goal for the coming years is to expand our program out into the community. An active music program not only nurtures our parish family, it is also an important evangelistic tool. With this in mind, I would like to focus our efforts on creating a concert series that will attract talented performers to our church. One part of the concert series would restore our annual Chancel choir concert.

Your continuing financial support of this fund is essential so that we can sustain our current program to provide music that enriches our weekly worship experiences and offers praise to the living God.

Before deciding to make a donation, think of what our worship services would be like with the absence of music. Please invest in and support our music program with a donation to our Friends of St. Martin’s Music Fund. You can also contribute in memory or in thanksgiving of a loved one. Our music program is vital to the mission and ministry of St. Martin’s and enriches the life of our church and surrounding community.

One final note – When people think of the word “support,” the first thing that comes to mind is money, and we appreciate your donations. Please also consider donating your time and talents to the music program. All of our choirs – adult and children’s choirs and handbell choir – need participants. We offer something for all levels of interest and for all levels of time commitment.

– Ingrid Siegert, Director of Music



2016 Friends of Music Donors


Mark Adkins, in memory of David Adkins
John Akins, in memory of Joyce Akins
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Anderson
Mary Alice Bancroft, in thanksgiving for Bryce and Alice Bancroft and Wes Bancroft
Pam Beaubian, in memory of Wendell Beaubian
Mary Evelyn Beeland
Leslie Bentley, in thanksgiving for the birth of Harper Lorraine Bentley
Joan and Robert Brown, in memory of Ruth Brown Plaster
The Rev. Noel Burtenshaw and Sue Hughes
Irene and Kenneth Carr
Kathryn and John Carr
Lauren Catchpole, in memory of Jackie Catchpole
Barbara Chubb
Polly and Peter Cranston
Betsy and Philip Culberson
Sally Davis, in thanksgiving for Ingrid Siegert
Don and Jennifer Demba
Linda and Bill Easterlin
Chris Elwell
Patty and Brad Ferrer, in thanksgiving for Benjamin and Andrew Ferrer
Jo Anne Fisher, in memory of Monte Fisher
Carole and Charles Fulghum
Joan and Bill Goodhew
Hulda Gottlieb, in memory of Bill Gottlieb
John and Virginia Hachikian
Susie and Bruce Hall
Susan and Bob Hamilton
Martha Hammond
Victoria Hastie and Pete Bednarzyk, in thanksgiving for Ingrid Siegert
Georgianna and Thomas Hendrickson
Beth Holland
Kathleen and Rob Hopkins
Kris and JT Hroncich
Janet and Steve Hurlbutt
Cindy and Ben Jernigan
Gay Jolley
Bruce Jones, in memory of Carolyn Jones
Karen and Michael Kelly, in memory of Frances Lelia Kelly
Angela and Rick Kirby
Emma and Ron Lane, in thanksgiving for our family
Ann and Phyz Lemmon, in thanksgiving for the clergy and staff
Kelly and David Magee
Ann and Gregg Magruder
Tricia and Mark Maloney
Patricia Marshburn, in memory of Jos Marshburn, Jr & Jos Marshburn III
Irma and Winfield Martin
Nancy Martin, in memory of Lee Quick
Valarie and Thomas McIntyre
Genevieve and Bill Pearson
Cheryl, Chris and Alexa Ponder, in thanksgiving for Ingrid Siegert
Dr. Lee and Jenny Plunkett, in memory of Woody and Winne Plunkett, and Carl   Rosenbaum and Myrtle Rosenbaum; and in thanksgiving for Eli, Josie, Hannah        and Hunter (our grandchildren)
Tess and Matthew Marks
Barry McDaniel
Judi and Sid Oakley, in thanksgiving for Lucy and Mary Berend
Ed Palmer, in memory of Betty Grove
Fran and Joe Pearson, in thanksgiving for Fran’s 79th birthday, and for Fran, Michael, Kevin, Sean, and Brittany
Jennifer, Sophie and Annie Petritz, in thanksgiving for Genevieve and Bill Petritz
Yvonne Price, in thanksgiving for our blessings
Jim Reese
Crystal Reeves
Jane Reynolds
Betsy and Haynes Roberts, in thanksgiving for Ingrid Siegert
Sarah and Paul Rook
Karen Rose, in memory of Allison Frances Rose
Brenda and Chris Rouse
Althea Sargent, in memory of Scott Bridgeman
Beth Ann and Michael Schwartz
Mary Jo Sibbald, in thanksgiving for Allison Tribble and John Sibbald
Becky and Dan Silbert, in memory of Richard Sedlar, Becky’s father
Joy and Rex Simms
Nancy Simmons
Julian Scott, in thanksgiving for family and friends
Becky and Steve Short
Brad Smith
Charlotte Smith
Carol Smith, in memory of Helen Wrobel
Lisa and Danny Smith, in thanksgiving for Lindsey and Rachel Smith
Patsy and Gene Smith, in memory of Joyce Akins
Susanne Snyder, in memory of Elizabeth (Liz) Boatright
Rebecca S. Starling, in memory of Kenneth E. Starling
Joseph A. Tucker
Verna Wekerling, in memory of Larry Weckerling
Becky and David Wolf
Heather, Ed & Aaron Zunzunegui

2015 Friends of Music Donors


Joyce and John Akins
Pam and Peter Alexander
Lyna and Carl Anderson
Mary Alice Bancroft
Pamela Beaubian
Pat Berry
Kemper and Kevin Brennan
Susan and Ned Breunig
Joan and Robert Brown
Susan Buckenham
Nicole and Brad Buie
Sue and The Rev. Noel Burtenshaw
Irene and Kenneth Carr
Kathryn and John Carr
Mary Cashin
Theresa and Lawrence Catchpole
Lauren Catchpole
Polly and Peter Cranston
Barbara Chubb, in thanksgiving for Ingrid Siegert
Sally Davis
Thelma Dews
Linda and Bill Easterlin
Ann Edwards
Chris Elwell
Carole and The Rev. Charles Fulghum
Judith and Edward Fuller, in memory of Edward White
Joan and Bill Goodhew
Hulda and Robert Gottlieb
Jane Gutschenritter
Virginia Hachikian, in thanksgiving for the Prayer Shawl Ministry
Susie and Bruce Hall
Martha Hammond
Bob and Susan Hamilton
Georgianna and Thomas Hendrickson
Beth Holland
Kathleen and Robert Hopkins
Janet and Steve Hurlbutt
Cindy and Ben Jernigan
Bruce Jones
Mary Evelyn Jones
Gay Jolley
Bree Kelly
Karen and Michael Kelly
Beverly Kiessling
Louise Kiley
Angela and Rick Kirby
Ann and Phyz Lemmon
Ann and Gregg Magruder
Patricia Marshburn
Irma and Winfield Martin
Sherry and James Murphy, in thanksgiving for Ingrid Siegert
Barry McDaniel
Jane and William McDonald, in memory of Jane’s mother, Corinne Marshall
Judy and Bill McGinnis
Derek Moore
Fran Mosher
Betty Nolting
Judi Oakley, in thanksgiving for Lucy Berend
Josephine Osgood
Ed Palmer
Fran and Joe Pearson
Sally and Tony Perez, in memory of Sally’s mother, Boo Stafford
Lee and Jenny Plunkett, in memory of Woody and Winifred Plunkett
Cheryl and Chris Ponder
Yvonne Price
Julie and Brad Reback
Marcia and Jim Reese
Betsy and Hanes Roberts
Jane Reynolds
Sarah and Paul Rook
Caroline and Matt Rose
Brenda and Chris Rouse
Nancy Runion
Althea Sargent
Julian Scott, in thanksgiving for, and loving memory of Zadie Scott
Marcie Schwefler, in memory of her sister, Georgia Fry Galeski
Beth Ann and Michael Schwartz
Marie Shipley
Becky and Steve Short
Mary Jo Sibbald
Joy and Rex Simms
Nancy Simmons
Eleanor and Michael Slater
Brad Smith
Carol Smith
Charlotte Smith
Lisa and Danny Smith, in thanksgiving for Lindsey and Rachel
Jan Towslee
Joe Tucker
Frances and Paul Wells
Angela and George Williamson
Dan Jacob Wingard
Becky and David Wolf