Welcome to this place!

And welcome to this website!  If this is your first visit, we welcome you as a guest, but hope you won’t remain a guest long before choosing to join this community of faith.  We hope that what you see, hear and read in these pages will move you to join us for worship.  Or join us to work, helping the guests who come to the Suthers Center seeking assistance.  Or join us to learn at one of the offerings from our Christian Formation team.  Or join us to feast at a pot-luck meal after church or for BBQ before one of our Sunday evening concerts.  Or join us to sing—in one of the St. Martin’s choirs or better yet, sing the great hymns of the church right from your pew.

The point is, if you are looking for a church home or if you are looking for something and you aren’t sure exactly what that is but something inside of you yearns for a sense of God’s presence, we hope to see you here at St. Martin’s soon.

I believe you will find in this church a community who loves God and who cares for each other.  A community where we don’t all agree with each other on all the issues of the day but a community that welcomes everyone with open arms and open hearts. 

Grace and peace,
The clergy and staff of St. Martin in the Fields Church