Fellowship for Youth


St. Martin’s core program for youth is Journey to Adulthood (J2A), a series of three two-year programs of study, spiritual growth, and fellowship. Because group sizes are small, parents are asked to register their teens each year for these special programs.

Please register your youth for Sunday School.

For more information, email our Director of Youth and Children Ministries, Tavon Betts at tavon@stmartins.org.

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Youth Calendar 2019-2020, Click here to access


In Rite 13, which usually begins in the 6th grade, we celebrate the first stage of the journey on the path to adulthood. We do this through lessons and discussions about God and God’s people, and twice a year host a beautiful Rite 13 Liturgy (hopefully, close to each youth’s 13th birthday). This group is led by four wonderful adults from our parish, who will leave lasting impressions and serve as great role models for our youth by combining both the Rite 13 curriculum with their own personal experiences with God.


God has a special love for youth as they enter one of the most beautiful, chaotic, confusing, and wonderful times of their lives where decision-making and guidance are crucial to who they are and who they will become as adults.

EYC (Episcopal Youth Community) is a fun and dynamic youth group for grades 6-12. EYC enriches the lives of the youth with the knowledge of God’s strength, love and encouragement. All grades, 6th-12th, are invited to grow with us through St. Martin's EYC on Sunday nights for fun, fellowship, and food!

Fall 2019, When and Where:

  • All grades gather for dinner at 5:30 pm in Gable Hall.
  • All grades meet at 6 pm in Lower Pierce Hall.

Fall 2019 EYC Schedule

  • August 11, EYC Kickoff, "We are Famly".

If you would like to host dinner, email tavon@stmartins.org.


J2A usually begins in the 8th grade and is the next stage of our youth’s journey to adulthood. In this two year class, our youth will learn the importance of relationships and community as they work towards a spiritual pilgrimage to Croatia that will take place in the summer of 2019. By raising funds for their pilgrimage and becoming active in our Parish and community, our youth will learn skills they need to carry on into their adulthood. With the guidance of four inspired adults, this group will experience life changing events that will shape their relationship with both God and their peers.


Youth Confirmation encourages a person to make the decision to take ownership of the promises made by their parents and Godparents at their baptism, in order to live out their baptismal covenant. Confirmation involves preparation both inside and outside of the classroom. It is an opportunity for our youth to explore who they are, and who God is in this world, and to hear an invitation to say “yes” to giving themselves to God in Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives.


The final stage of our youth’s journey to adulthood is YAC (Young Adults in the Church). YAC gives our older youth (11th & 12th graders) the opportunity to distinguish their voca¬tion and carry out their own ministry within our church and community. This program introduces our youth to new ways to participate in church life through acolyting and Eucharistic ministry, and gives them to chance to take leadership through teaching Sunday School. In addition, this group will meet each Sunday during the Sunday School hour. Through Mission work, these youth will share what they have learned about God and his love and help others who are in need. In this final stage, the youth will become active adults in our Parish and community.